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Welcome to my gateway homepage. I am a visual artist with extensive experience in a range of professions including: online product development manager, graphic designer, web designer, sustainability activist and landscape designer. I also currently serve as a trustee for my village of Irvington, NY along the Hudson River.

My expertise in graphic design includes branding, content creation / messaging, web design, information architecture, taxonomy, user modeling, production workflow and content re-use / re-purposing. Beyond my creative eye for design and layout, I have extensive hands-on experience with web, print and video production processes and workflows.

I received my Landscape Design Certification from the NY Botanical Gardens and am trained as a Cornell Master Gardener. I am also an ISA certified Arborist. My interest is in environmental conservation with an emphasis on sustainability, habitat restoration and stormwater management. With a strong hands-on horticultural background, I strive to choose "the right plant for the right place," emphasizing a strong mix of native plants. I provide both residential and commercial landscape design services, horticultural consulting, and consultation on urban forest tree preservation including street tree inventory, tree management, and the creation of municipal tree preservation legislation. I have also written articles for local and regional newpapers, given public talks and taught about various gardening and landscape design topics.

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